Leading Sāmoan youth discourse and awareness around unique events & experiences that contribute to their individual and community-awareness growth.

We are currently undergoing a refresh and new journey of navigation among the stars as we re-structure our organization.  Our mission continues in serving our Pasifika communities but after much consideration and work over the past 2 years during the pandemic, it was undeniably evident that our youth have suffered devastating levels of disenfranchisement during the pandemic. From the disruption of social, peer to peer engagement with classmates, teammates, teachers, family members, to personal and for many multiples losses of loved ones due to the COVID-19 virus to deepening the education gap for students of color especially from  under represented communities; the challenge and fear is, how will these events affect the future of our Pacific Islander communities?

It is through our mission and with the collaboration of many community partners that we want to work to combat the negative effects of the pandemic on our Pasifika Youth communities, starting in Hawai’i, where we are based.  We will continue to produce events that are authentic and representative of Pacific Island communities and cultures as well as attend community-based events we hope provide our youth members new experiences, the opportunities to socialize with members from across the Pacific and other communities here in Hawai’i and create new relationships that will contribute to their growth and personal journeys and their place in their communities.

Our hope is that through these events and unique experiences our youth members are empowered to take initiative on their education, their personal choices and responsibility to their communities and make good choices that will lead to a thriving and harmonious future for themselves and their peers. Through helping plan, organize and run Media Pasefika events, attend other community-based events and perform community service for different organizations will enrich the lives and vision for our Pasifika Youth and inspire higher education and eventually step into roles of leadership in our communities.

Stay tuned as we move forward in registering our organization as a Non-Government Organization and our long-term vision to grow beyond Hawai’i and grow internationally and connect with Pasifika communities across the globe.

Images below are from a past event, Pasifika Arts Showcase 2018.  We hope to be able to host a community event in 2022, please stay tuned!